Voice Coaching

I offer voice coaching in several formats:

You may require a personal tutorial to improve your vocal technique; for a performance, for work or for your day to day life.

​I also provide coaching for corperate businesses, in a group setting, to enhance your teams presentation and vocal confidence.

I also provide voice coaching and support for stage and sceen productions. You may require a block of sessions, or a workshop. This can be adapted to your needs.

Accent Coaching

There are a number of reasons you may wish to learn an accent:

You might have been asked to learn a specific accent for a particular production.

You could be looking to increase your accent repertoire for your CV.

​Or you could be looking for a coach to teach a group a number of accents for a production.

​Whatever your requirements , large or small, I am able to tailor sessons to your specific needs.

Accent Reduction

A person’s accent is an integral part of their identity. How we feel about the way we speak is intensely personal. Some people feel that their accent is not giving the right impression and it may be holding them back, both professionally and personally.

If this applies to you I can help you reduce certain traits of your accent either a little or a lot. I can help you improve clarity and pronunciation, or I can help you neutralise your accent completely, by focusing on key features.  These sessions are personal to you and your requirements.